Sheyna Featured on "Sisters Who SOAR"

In the online version of Prince William Living Magazine, Connection Strategist and "Sisters Who SOAR" columnist, Ramunda Lark Young, presents her interview with Sheyna.  How did SNB, PLC, come to be?  What role can philanthropy play in entrepreneurship?  Did Sheyna really try to feather her bangs in middle school?  Ramunda and Sheyna's chat can be found by visiting

Sisters Who SOAR is a column created by Ramunda Lark Young to connect women around the world to extraordinary women of color who’ve surpassed obstacles and risen to great success. So often women say there are not enough leaders who share their experiences, successes, and fears.  This column is poised to enlarge your personal circle of knowledge and learn from brilliant women who continue to SOAR!


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As the leader of a condominium, cooperative, homeowners' association, or charitable nonprofit, your stakeholders are counting on you.  They expect you to handle disputes, protect the aesthetic and financial integrity of the organization and its property, stay on top of changes in the law, and make plans for the future.  Or perhaps you are negotiating tricky changes in your personal relationships.  What will become of your children and how will you support yourself if your marriage ends?  Do you have plans in place to protect your family when you can no longer be with them?  Wherever life takes you, let The Law Office of Sheyna Nicole Burt, PLC, be there for you.  Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.  

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